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The Shen Min DHT Blocker

What is Shen Min?  It is an herbal DHT blocker manufactured and sold online by Biotech Corporation which claims to have a success rate of 90% and promises to lower the LDL cholesterol level for those who take it.  Overall, this DHT blocker works to provide intensive nourishment for receding hairlines and thicken hair in areas where its density is poor.  Shen Min comes in separate formulas suitable for the unique needs of both men and women and is available in pills, topical solutions, or shampoos.

The men’s formula of Shen Min DHT blocker addresses the male pattern baldness (MPB) syndrome often experienced by men.  MPB is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) first by creating a bald spot at the top of the head while the front hairline gradually recedes leaving the remaining hair to take a horse-shoe-like formation.  Shen Min halts the creation of DHT, the “bad” testosterone, enabling hair that was once lost to grow back again.

Shen Min also offers a version of its hair regrowth treatment program which works to conquer female pattern thinning (FPT).  As a woman ages, her hair tends to thin out in specific areas like the sides of the head.  FPT occurs from a lack of estrogen, especially in women going through stages of menopause and post menopause as well.

How safe is Shen Min?

Because Shen Min is a nonprescription natural herbal nutritional DHT blocker, it is important for one to become aware of its potential side effects before trying it.  Though Shen Min has had unique side effects on men and women, the most common types were hepatitis, mild rashes, and digestive problems.

According to the AskDocWeb website, numerous users of Shen Min have reported adverse effects experienced while on this natural hair growth program.  Although it helped most all users grow back their hair, it brought on numerous side effects including liver damage and abdominal pain.  One woman who used it in 2007 stated:

I have used Shen Min for women.  Stay away from it. I have to say that it worked for my hair, which stopped falling and became thicker.  However, it thinned my blood to the point that after the simplest blood test, doctors could not stop the hemorrhage. Unfortunately, at the time that I was taking Shen Min I had an emergency and had to go through surgery.   My blood was so thin that it almost cost my life.  A month after I quit taking Shen Min, everything was back to normal.  Do yourself a favor please: Stay away from Shen Min!

Ingredients in Shen Min

Shen Min contains several ingredients and before even considering taking this DHT blocker, it is vital that you become familiar with them and read reviews others submitted.  As posted on AskDocWeb, it contains: folate acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, iodine, zinc, saw palmetto, He Shou Wu herbs, and several more.  It is best to read the label and consult with your physician.  As one reviewer comments, “don’t self medicate.”

P.S … don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the post which reveals my personal story … I’m working on it and trying to finish it as soon as possible. Stay tuned for that.

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    Hey, Alex is here.I am 24 years old and unfortunately I have been introduced to the hair loss world when I only turned 18. It was a very long and frustrating journey for me especially at that period when I was on propecia (a DHT blocker) for 2 years before I realized that this drug was killing me slowly but surely.I’m clean of this drug for 2-3 years now and have managed to keep all my hair since then without any DHT blocker.Feel free to read my post on the left hand side, in which I tell my whole story about how I’ve managed to keep my hair after the painful struggle I had with the dht blocker, propecia.I hope you find this useful.Best of luck,Alex.